How old is your dog in human years?

By observing your faithful companion and knowing his “dog” age, you certainly wonder about the age he would be if he were one of your fellow men. Beliefs are used to saying that it is enough to multiply your real age by 7 in order to know the correspondence in human years, except that this method of calculation, however widespread, is false!

By multiplying the age of the dog by 7, this implies a certain proportionality and regularity for all dogs in their growth phase, adulthood and old age, as for humans, but this is not the case.

Indeed, this rhythm is not the same for all dogs, because it is mandatory to take into account the size criterion.

Thus, small dogs experience rapid growth and have a longer life expectancy than very large dogs, which reach adulthood around 24 months and rarely live more than 12 years. For a small breed dog, this can easily reach 16 years or more!