9 Things You Should Stop Doing To Your Dog

3- strong odors :

It was said: dogs explore the world thanks to their sense of smell. They are therefore very sensitive to odors (about 10,000 to 100,000 times more than us). It is for this reason that strong fumes (eg chemicals) can hinder them. If, for medical reasons, you need to spray them with a spray-on it, apply this little advice: first of all we avoid the head but the best is to spray the spray on a cloth before applying it to the body. And for products in the house (deodorant, cleansers …), make sure not to spray them too close to your dog and ask about the toxicity of the product.

4- hug him :

You love to hug and pet your dog. If he does not seem indifferent to your scrapes, he is not a 100% fan of them either. Many dogs don’t like being hugged, especially if strangers do it. They can even feel like a threat when you put your arms around his neck. They tolerate caresses, of course, but do not adore them. So be careful with their body language. If they move away, have a worried look, open their eyes wide, yawn, or show other signs of concern, it is because they are not necessarily comfortable.

5- Do not let it sniff and explore during the walks :

Dogs love to walk, not just to let off steam. This gives them the opportunity to discover new things outside of their basic environment. Canines explore the world mostly by smell, unlike us who use our sight in the first place. Preventing him from sniffing and marking their territory is terribly frustrating for these beasts. So give them time to snoop around and hang out.