9 Things You Should Stop Doing To Your Dog

Without realizing it, you are doing things that your dog cannot stand. And who can’t talk to you live, here’s a little list of things you should stop doing so you don’t mind. Here is a list of nine things that most dogs do not like and that you should avoid doing.

1- Set in front of him :

Just like hugs, dogs don’t like it when you face him. If you rush towards him, your hands forward, the animal may feel assaulted and either run away or attack. Obviously, not all dogs react in the same way. If you are his master, he will accept you more easily than a stranger. Then take it easy and reward him with treats while you brush his hair at head level.

2- Dress them :

“How cute he is with this bunny costume!” Yes we too, we sometimes fall in love with funny photos of disguised dogs. However, not everyone likes to have something with them. If you got used to them from an early age, there is no problem. Otherwise, take a good look at their body language which may show signs of discomfort. Do not force them if you see that they are really uncomfortable. In general, they don’t like things on their legs or on their heads at all. But you have the right to dress them, especially to protect them from the cold. You just have to get them used to it gradually.