Top 10 most beautiful dog breeds in the world

Top 10 most beautiful dog breeds in the world

Dogs are not only sought after for their ability to keep, assist, or hunt. Some owners also emphasize appearance when choosing their pets. Even if beauty is something difficult to impose as taste, certain races have been conventionally recognized as beautiful by the majority. This article lists the Top 10 most beautiful dog breeds.

1. The Spitz :

The Spitz dog has a thick coat of fur that sets it apart from the others and gives it a classy and prestigious look. Most dogs that have fur coats are very popular, regardless of the coat color. On top of that, the Spitz is also very obedient and easy to train an animal. It can then be trained quickly, even by canine education amateurs. Its small size and lightweight (no more than 3 kilos) make it an easy-to-carry animal that can easily adapt to games with children.

2. The Siberian Husky :

Originally from eastern Siberia, this dog has striking eyes that set it apart from all other breeds. Its thick coat also makes it one of the most appreciated animals whether it is gray, brown, gray, or white. Even his eyes can sometimes be special colors (green, gray, or even shades of blue.) Even though they are sometimes confused with wolves because of their appearance, they are very clever and are very beautiful running animals.

3.The Golden Retriever :

His golden fur makes him one of the most beautiful dogs. Even if with age its coat can lose clarity, the Golden Retriever remains an animal always as beautiful by its build and its physique. He has a longer body than tall with a massive neck. He is a fairly sociable animal who will have no problem living with other dogs or other people in the family. As an adult, the Golden Retriever is very skillful in its movements and still remains a fairly calm dog.

4. The Beagle :

It is a type of hunting dog, which is well proportioned, muscular with large drooping ears. With its keen eyes and different colors (dark brown, light brown shades on the sides and a white belly and legs), this dog can weigh up to 16 kilograms. Many people choose beagle because it is very active, independent, and very intelligent. His pronounced hunter character makes him a true partner of excursions and activities in the middle of the forest.

5. The Akita Inu :

The Akita Inu is the most famous Japanese dog breed in the world. Today there are two types of Akita: Japanese and American. Both types have thick coats with variations in color, whether American or Japanese Akita. These large dogs (which can weigh up to 50 kilograms) are very protective when they live in families and get along very well with children and other animals if they are well socialized.

6. The Alaskan Malamute :

He has always been recognized for his strength which allows him to pull sleds over long distances. He also has a thick coat of fur which is generally black or brown in color, which protects him from the lowest temperatures. With its active and friendly character, the Alaskan Malamute is considered one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs anywhere in the world.

7. The Bernese Mountain Dog :

Coming from Switzerland, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a mountain dog with a brown, black, white, or rust-colored coat. He is quick-witted and can follow the directions given to him to the letter. It is a good watchdog for livestock and can be of great help to the owner. The Bernese Mountain Dog is loving and loyal in nature and can quickly adapt to the presence of young children. It is one of the most robust and solid breeds which is most often used for herds, the police, or even when pulling (during a canicross activity for example.)

8. The Icelandic Sheepdog :

Like all breeds of dogs living in cold areas, the Icelandic shepherd also has a thick coat of fur that makes him proud. Its coat is characterized by the brown, golden, white, or sometimes reddish color. The Icelandic Shepherd is also very friendly and can be a great pet.

9. The Miniature Schnauzer :

There are two layers of fur on this dog: his outer coat is harder while the coat inside is softer and shorter. It looks great with its characterized hairs which are at the level of its muzzle. Once in the family, this dog is very pleasant in society and is a good play partner for children. However, he needs to exercise physically to avoid any risk of obesity. Its beauty also comes from the food it receives which must be very balanced. To keep his coat as shiny, just give it regular grooming.

10. The chow-chow :

With its large size and lion-shaped face, The Chow Chow is also distinguished by its dense fur that surrounds his face and gives it the appearance of having the mane of a lion. His coat is also a bright golden color that must be maintained with a little grooming. It is made from the most famous hunting dogs which can weigh up to 30 kilos. One of its peculiarities is also its black and bluish tongue which makes it one of the cutest breeds of companion dogs. If you are one of those whose appearance of the dog is very important, you now have everything you need to make your choice with confidence!