What does the color of your dog’s gums mean

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Each dog has gums around his teeth and these mucous membranes give us a good idea of ​​the health of our animals. Acting mainly as a protective barrier, the gums produce mucus and have a supply of blood which gives them their distinct pink color. When this color and other normal gum attributes change, it may mean that something is wrong with a dog and needs to be investigated.

What do the gums of a normal dog look like?

Normal erasers should be pink bubble gum. When pressed, they should lighten in white or pale pink, then quickly return to the normal pink color when you remove your finger from the gum. The time it takes for the erasers to return to the normal pink color after pressing it is called the capillary refill time. The gums should also be slippery or damp and especially smooth if you run your finger over them. They should not be sticky or dry.