all about the bulldog breed

with his stocky build and his scowling face. Bulldog is a friendly and very loyal dog, which always makes the happiness of his owner. Are you looking to learn more about this doggie that once faced bulls? Let’s discover together his past and his character!

The history of the English Bulldog:

The Bulldog takes his name from the bull (Bull in English). And for good reason, this breed of dog initially appeared to face bulls during dog fights. These very violent sports were indeed extremely popular in England, and this until 1835, the date on which the dog fights were definitively prohibited. To avoid the disappearance of this breed, but also to suppress the unnecessary aggressiveness of the Bulldogs, different English breeders selected it to make it more balanced. Today, the English Bulldog has lost everything from his combat history, if not his massive figure. It has become a very sweet and perfectly balanced pet, which is the delight of many families.

The different types of English Bulldogs:

You should know that the Bulldog standard admits many colors:

Red bulldog, Brown bulldog, Brindle bulldog, a white bulldog

On the other hand, the Bulldog must have a one-color dress (or variegated, that is to say, a white mixed with one of the other colors allowed). A black mask is however accepted.

His physic:

The English Bulldog is a real tough guy. Stocky and fairly short on legs, it has a powerful silhouette, even if it is a medium-sized dog. Very compact, it hides an impressive strength, which it always uses wisely. The head is massive and may appear large compared to the body. His crushed muzzle face may appear particular, in part due to a prognathic jaw. We can easily recognize this dog by its drooping lips and the wrinkles on its face.

If it is not so big, this dog still exudes an impression of strength and power, even if it is a great peaceful at heart.

Weight: the ideal weight for this dog is 25 kg.

Size: this animal measures approximately 35 cm.

Hair: the hair is short, smooth, and shiny.

What is his character?

Do not trust its brawler past, the English Bulldog embodies quiet strength. It is above all a companion dog, which accumulates the qualities: joie de vivre, playfulness, great affection, etc. This doggie will get along well with children, but will also be a companion of choice for the elderly. And for good reason, he keeps a fairly measured activity and often remains very calm at home. Some even accuse him of being lazy! this dog is capable of long walks, and can therefore perfectly accompany you during your walks.

Can we deduce from all this that the somewhat raw physique of the English Bulldog is only a facade? Not necessarily! He is a very protective dog towards his master. Despite its small size, this makes it a formidable watchdog, with its powerful jaw and its foolproof courage. He will spare no effort to protect his master and his family.