how to introduce the dog to other family members

how to introduce the dog to other family members

Introducing your dog to new family members is an essential step, both for the dogs and for creating a bond of trust and a unique relationship with you and your family. The arrival of a dog, like that of a child, is an event that must be prepared as a family. Thus, the presentation of the dog must be made to all the members of the family, including the animals already present, in order to facilitate the creation of a relationship.

Your dog’s first steps at home:

your dog must arrive in a serene and calm environment. Avoid, for example, bringing him into your home when the kids come home from school or when the house is crowded. It is best to show him around the house with you so that he can make his mark, and to introduce him to your family members little by little, if possible separately.

Introduce the dog to all family members :

By presentation to family members, we especially mean the presentation of the dog to children who are not always used to animals and can be rude to them. This presentation must be done before the adoption of the dog, in order to identify his reactions to your children’s behavior. Of course, the meeting must be done in peace with prohibition for your children to shout, run, or even to pull the hairs of the dog. The relations to come will only be more peaceful.

Introducing the Dog to Another Dog :

The dog is certainly a sociable animal but it is also a pack animal that likes to dominate. To make your dog accept a new companion, first organize outdoor meetings between them, before the newcomer comes to settle in your home. Let them play, get used to each other, intervening if they start fighting. During these moments in pairs, offer them treats so that they associate the presence of the other with positive.

The presentation of the dog to a cat :

The cat and the dog being both territorial animals, the meeting between them can be rather tense in the beginnings. To do this, cut your cat’s claws to prevent it from harming your dog in the event of an attack; similarly, do not keep it in your arms and do not impose contact between the two. Let them feel, approach, and ensuring that your cat keeps its dominant position, by placing it on a piece of furniture for example.