6 Best Guard Dogs Breed To Protect Your Home

It is important to be selective when choosing your next dog. Find a dog that will become both your companion and your protector.
Many dogs have the natural ability to act as guard dogs. An ideal watchdog is tall, fearless, athletic, alert, loyal, there are certain breeds of dogs known for their excellent watchdog traits from years of careful breeding. The following dog breeds are known for their natural ability to protect.



The Akita is one of the most loyal dogs you can find. This brave and alert breed of dog is naturally suspicious of strangers. Your Akita will look after you and your family nobly at all times. It is a job that Akita takes seriously and will naturally do with little or no training. Obedience training and guard dog training will only sharpen the Akita’s natural skills. Appropriate socialization will help avoid unnecessary stalemate or aggression.

Belgian Malinois :


Intense and active, it is not surprising that the Belgian Malinois is a favorite breed of the K9 police and military units. The energy level of this breed required him to have serious work to do at all times. It is essential that Belgian Malinois receive specialized training allowing them to focus on their natural abilities. Good socialization is also very important for your dog to be comfortable in new or unknown situations. It is also absolutely essential that this breed gets lots of exercise every day.

Bullmastiff :


The loyal and brave Bullmastiff was originally developed by gamekeepers to protect their game from poachers. The large size of this breed intimidates intruders. However, the breed is naturally affectionate towards its family, which makes it an excellent companion. The Bullmastiff is a natural protector who simply needs the training to structure and strengthen his natural guarding instincts.

Cane Corso :

Cane Corso (pronounced “KAH-nay KOR-so”) is an Italian dog breed that was historically used as a guard dog, war dog, and hunter. The large size, heavy build, and deep bark of the Cane Corso will in themselves be effective enough to ward off intruders. Because the breed has a natural guard instinct, training will focus on obedience and the development of natural skills.

German shepherd :


Similar to the Belgian Malinois, the German Shepherd is an intense and active breed. The GSD has a deep sense of loyalty to his family. Training is very important in helping the GSD to focus on the essential tasks necessary to protect the property, but its natural capabilities and desire to protect will provide an excellent basis for training. Socialize your GSD properly to avoid fear and nervousness. Also, make sure your GSD gets a lot of exercises every day.

Doberman Pinscher :


The Doberman has always had a bad reputation as an aggressive dog breed, but the truth is very different. Although raised to protect, Dobie is affectionate, docile, and even awkward at times around his family. Most are not even so hesitant towards strangers unless they sense the danger. Most Dobies do a very good job of protection without formal training. However, these abilities can be developed with the proper training program, helping your Dobie become an excellent watchdog.