4 Great Indoor Games To Play With Your Dog

sometimes it happens that you get stuck at home and you cannot go out and play with your dog especially in a rainy day and therefore your dog will not be satisfied and remain calm without doing an activity which can stimulate him mentally and physically, next time the weather is bad, don’t spoil yourself. Try these games and activities to keep your canine companion on their toes.

Hidden Treasure Game :

collect a few small boxes or containers and arrange them upside down. Place a prize (like a favorite dog treat) under one of them and encourage your puppy to start sniffing. When your dog accurately identifies the container in which the treatment is kept, be sure to congratulate it and, of course, reward it with the hidden treasure.
Dogs have a remarkable sense of smell. Did you know that they have about 45 times more olfactory receptors than humans? And what better way to exercise this sense of smell than by creating a game that uses it?

You can even use a snuff mat to stimulate your dog’s sense of smell and curiosity. There are several pockets to hide treats and different puzzles with adjustable difficulty. Help your dog mentally stimulate and work on his nose work skills!

Hide and seek Game :

Whether you are working to improve your dog’s skills for competition or just making sure your dog can listen to you and respond positively, this obedience trainer is a great tool to use for a workout. Speaking of basic commands, and obedience workout is a great way to stay busy.

Play-Wild Sits :

now doing a fun exercise that dogs love While your dog is on a leash, keep it as large as possible – you can run around to cheer, jump up and down – everything to keep your puppy as excited as possible. Then, halfway through, you will ask your dog to sit down. It may take a little practice for the dog to master and understand what you are trying to do and also counteract your dog’s hyperactivity, but after a few tries, your dog should be able to go from a state of excitement to s sit patiently on command.

Obstacle Course Game :

You can use broken boxes for your dog to crawl, place chairs for him to navigate, and even stack books to jump over. This is easy because you can enjoy everyday household items and design the course to be as simple or difficult as you want.

You can also use a set of cones and sticks to create your own training course and obstacles.

Cardio Twist Game :

whether or not you train for the competition ring. You can set up “poles” using household items, such as chairs or even friends or family members, and have your dog hook up next to you when you weave between them. You can change your pace from fast to slow, which will encourage your dog to focus on following you when you change direction. It’s a great way to work on coordination while getting cardio training – for both of you.

Make sure you get the most out of it and spend quality time bonding with your dog and developing mental and physical skills, even when you’re indoors.