Italian Greyhound Breed and 10 Facts you need to know

1. Italian Greyhound History :

The breed is thought to have originated in Greece and Turkey about 2,000 years ago. Over time, the breed became known in southern Europe and in the 16th century, it became the darling of the Italian nobility. Mary, Queen of Scotland, Queen Victoria, Catherine the Great and Maud, Queen of Norway, are among the international royals who have succumbed to the charms of the Italian Greyhound.

2.Italian greyhounds Emotional sensitivity :

Be clear. . . Are there tensions in your house? if their fellow citizens have family problems. Italian greyhounds are peaceful and sensitive dogs that need a harmonious and peaceful home. Italian greyhounds are very sensitive to stress and can be seriously affected by the stomach, serious digestive disorders, and neurotic behavior.

3. How Long Does an Italian Greyhound Live?

Italian greyhounds are a living breed. The average is 12 to 14 years old, but it is not uncommon for an Italian grey bird to live up to 18 years and sometimes even longer. They have a taste for life and keep their playful ways far beyond the puppy.

4. Italian greyhounds They like to relax :

While the Italian levers are known for their high speed, they would be more relaxed than the race. They would run faster, but they would prefer to be faster. It is their love of relaxation that values ​​the Italian Greyhound, called “couch potato at 40 km / h”.

5. Do Italian greyhounds like water?

Italian greyhounds do not like to go in the water and are not particularly good swimmers. Anyone who owns a dog who does not like water should never force him to leave because that would scare him away. That said, in the United States, you must always pay attention when you walk the path of safety and not save them because they can not get out of the water on their own.

6. Italian greyhounds react to the tone of your voice :

Italian greyhounds are very insightful about how you feel. They pay close attention to the tone of your voice and understand how you feel. If you are angry, the dog will hear it in your voice. If you talk too softly and gently, they may not take you seriously. It is better to be firm if you are angry but not too much because you could scare the dog.

7. Italian greyhounds colors :

Italian greyhounds come in a range of shades ranging from white, cream and gold to dark bronze, chocolate, and slate gray. The American Kennel Club allows standard permits for colored dogs, but international registries insist on a solid color GI.

8. Italian greyhounds Potential health problems :

Injuries are at the top of the list, from broken legs and toes to torn ligaments. Italian greyhounds also tend to have bad teeth, leading to dental disease

9. Italian greyhounds are extremely loving :

Most people think that these dogs can have a problem with humans, especially retired race dogs. In fact, it’s the opposite. Italian greyhounds like to receive a lot of affection and attention, and they love to give it back. Even retired runners love to snuggle up and snuggle with their owners. If you are looking for a good deal, you should consider adopting an Italian greyhound.

10. What about allergies for Italian greyhounds?

Italian greyhounds are subject to allergies and it is important for a dog to see a veterinarian as soon as possible, especially if the breed is predisposed to suffer from mutated alopecia of color. Allergies can be notoriously difficult to eliminate and finding the triggers can be difficult. That said, a veterinarian could make an allergic dog more comfortable while seeking the following triggers:

  • Certain foods especially commercially produced dog food that contains high levels of grain and cereal fillers
  • Airborne pollens
  • Dust mites
  • Environment
  • Flea and tick bites
  • Chemicals found in everyday household cleaning products