Cane Corso | All about the dog breed Cane Corso

The Corso Cane is a dog from Italy. Dog guard by excellence, he is especially an adorable companion for families with or without children. He is gentle, caring, faithful, and loyal. It is a sporty dog that needs a daily activity. It has robust health and is very easy to maintain.

Corso Cane Race history :

Cane Corso, or Italian court dog, descends straight from the great Roman mastiffs and Canis during Roman times. Its name comes from Latin and designates a dog “protector”, “guardian of the farms”. Long regarded as the ideal companion of the Italians, they used to have him by their side to keep their property, their family, their flocks and to accompany them to the hunt.

Cane Corso is still present today in southern Italy. In the 20th century, the race of Cane Corso is close to extinction, but it will be saved by some passionate who create an association in the 1970s. Italy recognizes the breed in 1979.

Behavior with others :

Intelligent, the Cane Corso is also energetic and very balanced. Excellent guard and defense dog, docile and affectionate with his master, he also loves children and their families. He becomes a formidable defender only in case of necessity. Easy to train if you adopt the right reflexes, it can, however, be a little stubborn: it needs to be entrusted to a determined and experienced hand. When he is truly convinced of the usefulness of his work, he accomplishes it with a dedicated commitment. Cane Corso is above all a watchdog. He excels in this area and will be a perfect protector for his master and his adoptive family. It is above all dissuasive.

Corso Cane Education :

The education of Cane Corso must be rigorous but not severe. He is known for his robustness and his strong temperament: if you are a beginner in terms of dressage, to call on a canine educator would be appreciable. His master must not be overflowed. He must be confident and have an assured walk, otherwise, this canine will feel the opportunity to take over and do only his head. In general, this dog has the intelligence to listen when he understands the interest of the exercise.

Living conditions :

The Cane Corso can live indoors, but preferably outdoors. His hair falls little and he barks wisely. In addition, it does not drool, so it is very clean. The Corso Cane is a great sportsman. He needs spaces to entertain and run. Thus, it will be much more comfortable in the countryside or in a house with a garden. It must be able to be released very regularly, often for a long time. He can also accompany his master in his joggings or bike rides. The life expectancy of a Cane Corso is, on average, between 10 years and 11 years.

Corso Cane Food :

The diet of this dog can be based on industrial food. Thus, high-quality croquettes fit him perfectly. It will be advisable to regulate one’s diet according to its daily energy expenditure.

Maintenance and hygiene :

The maintenance of the Cane Corso is reduced to a bare minimum: a small stroke of brush from time to time, a hair inspection at the return of each walk, and regular cleaning of the eyes and ears will be enough.

It is necessary to accustom the Cane Corso to the brushing and the cleaning of the eyes at a very young age so that it gets used in a natural and durable way.