Dalmatians and 7 Facts you never heard about them


1. where dalmatians come from :

Like with many older breeds, it’s not sure where dalmatians originated from. Because of their name ( Dalmatians ), many people believe they come from Dalmatia — a region in modern-day Croatia — where they were used as sentinels during the war. However, they may be as old as the ancient Egyptians, as spotted dogs have been discovered on paintings in the tombs!

2. Dalmatians love horses :

Dalmatians were originally bred to run alongside carriages, and so get along famously well with horses. They were used to guard coaches at stops, ward off stray dogs, and keep the horses calm and focused. This evolved into them running behind fire trucks, as they were perfect for calming the horses around fires and warding off pests from the firehouses. Because of their unique appearance, Dalmatians became a memorable mascot for firefighters and are still found on firetrucks across America today!

3. Dalmatians have many monikers :

The old breed has taken on a lot of names over the years, including the English Coach Dog, the Carriage Dog, the Plum Pudding Dog, the Fire House Dog, and the Spotted Dick.

4. Dalmatians were born spotless :

Despite being covered in spots in adulthood, puppies are born white, without spots. Pups generally don’t grow their trademark spots until about 10 to 14 days, and places continue to appear on the dog’s body as it becomes. This news might come as a shock as it directly negates what the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians might have suggested.

5. Dalmatians have bad hearing :

Many dalmatians can only hear in one ear, and up to 12% are entirely deaf, according to the Dalmatian Club of America.

6. Dalmatians are best known as firedogs :

Dalmatians have many talents, but they’re possibly best known for their skills as coaching dogs. The canines get along famously with horses, making them the ideal dog to run alongside carriages. The helpful Dals warded off stray dogs, guarded the coach at stops, and, most importantly, kept the horses calm.

This job eventually translated to the firehouse, where Dalmatians would run behind fire trucks. Horses were skittish around a fire, but the Dals kept them composed. Their distinct features also make them a great mascot, so you can still find the dogs riding in modern fire trucks today. As a bonus, they’re also excellent ratters and keep firehouses pest-free.

7. Dalmatians Disney movie :

101 Dalmatians in any of its several screen versions might have been your introduction to the breed. The downside of those popular films is that some viewers decide the dal is the breed for them without doing the right research, and unscrupulous breeders start mass-producing poorly-bred puppies. That means many dals ended up in shelters when their owners realize what an energetic dog they bought. If you really want a dal, research the breed and only purchase from a reputable breeder.