10 Cats and Dogs Who Fell in Love with Each Other

what dog breeds are best suited with cats :

Children, cats, rodents … Would you like to expand the family and adopt a dog? Yes, but according to ancestral myths, dogs and cats would have been formidable enemies since time immemorial, who would voraciously fight their place in the home. But beyond small quarrels, some races, on the contrary, are known to love cats. But who are these dogs out of the ordinary?

The Pomeranian Lulu: 

a real stuffed animal, this dwarf spitz, very soft is the size of an adult cat. Very cuddly, he will be pampered by the cat who will become like his brother.


often compared to a cat because of its very calm and independent character and its beauty habits (he licks himself to wash), make him a canine roommate of choice. So your cat and Basenji can talk grooming all day.

The Carlin: 

very cuddly and calm, the pug adapts without worries to all lifestyles. Thus, cohabitation and sharing of the basket will happen very serenely.

The Yorkshire Terrier: 

Almost the same size as a cat, Yorkshire is a very friendly little animal with humans and other animals. During your long hours of absence, he will particularly like the company of his new feline friend.

The Cavalier King Charles:

with his reputation of having a big heart and a good character, this dog has the family spirit and adapts very well with the company of the cat.

The Butterfly Spaniel:

just like the pug, this docile little dog, calm and teasing, will live with pleasure in companies of the little feline.

The Basset Hund: 

quiet, calm and easygoing, this dog will enjoy the company of a cat and share without problem his favorite soft toys.

The Boxer: 

very playful, the boxer will be delighted to have fun with the little cat of the house, while sharing his toys. A heavy sleeper, he will love to pamper the side of the sweet cat.

The Labrador Retriever:

he loves the company of other dogs, humans and … Felines.


giant dog, big teddy bear … With its imposing stature, it could impress and scare all cats in the neighborhood, but on the contrary, this big dog with artichoke hearts will be delighted to serve as a giant stuffed animal and cozy pillow to felines.

Conclusion :

The perfect understanding and the excellent cohabitation will depend on the education of the cat and the dog, the character of each one, as well as the indispensable presentations. But for your convenience, there is evidence that some breeds of dogs are more likely to get along immediately with his roommate cat. Indeed, some breeds of cats are known to love cats.