Which Dogs Can Be Women’s Best Friend?

A dog might be a man’s best friend, but it can also be a great companion for women. Many dog breeds, when small, can be the affectionate little companions that women love; but can grow up to be their protectors. Find out about some of the best dogs that can make cute pups and turn out to be the best friends for women.

Doberman Pinscher :

The Doberman Pinscher happens to be a watchful and dedicated dog breed. It is quite an intelligent and active dog and needs frequent exercise and careful feeding. The dogs can be a nice fit for women who are active and love a dog that can protect her and send danger alerts to her in times of need. This is similar to other loyal canine breeds, give that these are not just ideal for women but can also make for fantastic family pets. Doberman Pinscher loves to be included in various activities and can be cute puppies when young – growing up to fierce-looking protectors whenever needed.

Golden Retriever :

It is another popular choice for women. Generally, these are friendly enough and can be trained with ease. A Golden Retriever is devoted to its owner and often stands as a fantastic guard dog. These can be an ideal family pet when you shower it with lots of attention, space and time. It likes to demonstrate and might exhibit its love by obeying your commands and showing its eagerness to please. It is a fantastic swimmer and can often be found to rescue drowning owners.

Papillons :

Papillons are small in size, but very intelligent. These are small-sized canines that were related once with members of Spanish and French nobility. Today, these smart dogs can be found in the laps of girls and women. These can be trained and taught easily. Usually, these are not aggressive in nature. However, Papillons can appear to be moody at times.

Akita :

If you like to feel safe with a large dog around, Akita can be a favorite. This is a large-sized canine with a striking and unique look. It is very dedicated and loyal to owners, and need an owner who is disciplined and is worthy of respect as the leader of a pack. Women who adopt this dog will need to spend more time exercising, playing with and training this dog. It can make a cute pup when small and young and can be a great guard dog for females. But if you do not train it well and strictly, an Akita can develop behavioral issues.

Chow Chow :

This dog is territorial and extremely protective. Chow Chow can be an affectionate puppy that will need to be shown love, and you have to brush its heavy coat every now and then. It is lively and playful and is generally an active dog that participates in exercises and athletic activities. Unless socialized in a proper way, it can be skittish with people who are strangers. Chow Chow is among the most perfect canine breeds for women today.