How to know if my dog ​​is happy?

10 signs that prove your dog loves you :

How can I be sure that my dog ​​is satisfied? Am I doing well and giving him a life that makes him completely happy? We have all asked ourselves these questions sometime.
Here are some signs that you will recognize if your dog feels happy with you and his life.

1. Move the tail:

When your hairy rejoices, move the tail from side to side at an angle of about 120 degrees. In short-tailed or curled-tailed dogs or those that have been cut, the key is at the beginning of the tail. Many times, short-tailed dogs not only move the tail but also the entire back of the loin.

2. Has dilated pupils:

Dilated pupils indicate that at that time the dog is happy for some reason, as happens with people when they see something they like. But you have to look at the eyes as a whole, if they shine with joy, there is no doubt: your dog is happy.

3. Try to get your attention by moving the tail:

In general, walking with a light step, having a relaxed tail and erect ears in a normal position are details that show that dogs are happy. Sometimes, they express their joy by running around the humans they love most, usually wagging their tails.

4. It is playful:

Playful behaviors such as circle races, short barking or games show that a dog is having a great time.

5. It encourages you to play:

You can see that your best friend is fine if he asks to play. Dogs do this, for example, when they jump with their front legs up. Let me spread your joy and play with him, so you both have fun. But remember that the invitations to the game must arise above all from you, you are the guide.

6. Focus your attention on yourself and tasks:

If you take care that your dog is occupied in an appropriate way for its species so that it can develop its full potential, then, you will notice it in its attention to you and the task – it will be happy to play and to be with you. It is joy related to the situation you are living in.

7. Search for proximity:

If your dog tries to be close to you, he usually goes to meet you and likes to lie down to rest where you are, it is obvious that he feels happy by your side. Resting or sleeping near you is clear proof that he is comfortable with you.

8. It paws you:

This gesture may represent a certain requirement, when a dog paws, it may be his way of asking for something or trying to calm you down, but it is usually an indication that he is glad to be with you.

9. He loves caresses:

A sign that a dog is happy is that it approaches people with whom he lives looking for pampering.

10. React when you get home:

Last but not least: when you enter the door, your dog clearly shows that he is glad to see you again. Sometimes, they get so happy that it seems they haven’t seen you in years. Do not be surprised by this: it is an unequivocal sign that you are doing well.