What are the Best Ones for Families with Children?

As a parent, you want your children to be social, respectful of other species and be capable of being a team player. Having a pet – such as a dog – can let your kid become the kind of citizen that you would want him/her to grow into. Know about some of the best canine breeds that prove to be the best for families that have kids.

Collie Breed :

Collie is very gentle. This breed is quite predictable, can easily be trained and rarely bites other humans. Collie dogs are ideal for all those families that do not have any familiarity with canines. This gentle breed was originally a herding dog.

German Shepherd Breed :

It is another famous breed of dog. This one is very smart and can protect families very well. German Shepherd can also keep homes protected, and tend to love kids. This is a very obedient breed and can be trained with a lot of ease. When these are puppies, the dogs have to be trained. These can grow large enough and can be protective of your children. Keep in mind, however, that you have to socialize them well – otherwise, these can be potentially dangerous.

Pug Breed :

It is a small dog breed and is extremely suitable for families that stay in flats or apartments. These dogs have a more or less funny appearance, which is in keeping with their playfulness. Often, these are extroverts and mix very well with others. Thus, these are perfect companions for kids. In most cases, Pug prefers humans as companions than other dogs. However, a Pug can stay happy in the company of other pets as well. These are known as the best playmates for children and are affectionate breeds which are regarded as stout canines. The dogs have cute wrinkled faces and extremely adorable eyes, grabbing the interest of human beings within very less time. Your children would love to have them.

Dachshunds Breed :

This small breed is very popular and is featured in many TVCs and movies. Dachshunds make perfect lap dogs and love to sleep on beds, ride in cars and like to indulge in most activities that humans take part in. However, these can be temperamental and even aggressive at times – behaving rudely and moodiness with everyone that they come across. Often, Dachshunds
are easily frightened by loud sounds and can be extremely protective of the small toys that they are given for playing.